White Wasabi Ep1: Sword Art Online Ep 1 “The World of Swords”

White Wasabi


Welcome to the inaugural episode of White Wasabi with SENSEIM@CH and EJ-5000. The boys discuss Sword Art Online Episode 1, “The World of Swords” where we meet Kirito and the world of Sword Art Online. The gents discuss the plot thus far and where they think the show will go, as well as lend their unique perspectives on living in a video game and being an emotional teenager.


Episode Notes and Helpful Things:

Kirito and Klein

Kirito and Klein

Kayaba Akihiko as he appears in E1S1.

Kayaba Akihiko as he appears in E1S1

Lots of chicks. No fatties. Suspect?

Lots of chicks and no fatties.


White Wasabi is a weekly podcast where SENSEIM@CH and EJ-5000 take you through an episodic journey of your favorite anime series with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Starting with Sword Art Online and featuring occasional guest, White Wasabi brings interesting thoughts to a moot conversation.

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  • Michael Baldwin

    Just finished Podcast 1! Nice work doodz! /applaud (mmorpg joke there…) It has made me realize that though I considered myself an Anime buff… I am now outdated, a sword that’s grown old and rusty. My knowledge rests in the classics that broke the mold here in the states. I.e. Fist of the North Star, Golgo 13, .. and yes Akira, just to name a few. I am excited to hop back into this genre as your discussion has certainly thrown fuel on an old fire. Video games AND anime… nice, I will enjoy this SOL. Looking forward to future casts!


    • Jeff Lazowski

      But totally agree with you Mikeysan. I am definitely looking forward to listening to what you have to say about this joint!


    • They only get better from here. We promise.

  • Michael Baldwin

    WHOA! wait.. no re-spawn? No Revive? No Re-Raise!? …. this sounds like a most evil MMORPG!!!! Netflix Q… CHECK!

    • But if you die in the Matrix, you die in real life!


    Thanks ScoTty, we are having fun making them so I hope they are fun to listen to!

  • Sc0Tty

    Cool! Good first effort. Can’t wait to hear more about SAO!