Skylanders Giants, Swap Force, and Trap Team Characters Explained

All but one Skylanders game has a special group specifically for the game. Here they are all explained.


These are the first Skylanders and are the ones that defeated the Arkeyan robots. Info on Arkeyans: they were robots that slaved the Mabu. The main source of power is the Iron Fist of Arkus and whoever wears the fist will have 100% control over the Arkeyans. The Giants destroyed all the Arkeyans and were banished to earth. They have a lot of Hp, defense and attack.

Skylanders Giants


Swap Force:

The Swap Force are Skylanders who, well…swap. The swapping can increase some stats and lower others. The figures are actually larger than most Giants. They got the swaping abilities from a magical volcano.


Trap Team:

These are Skylanders who have Traptainium weapons that are indestructible. They are also the police of Skylands and are the ones who put the Doom Raiders, a notorious crew of villains, in Cloud Cracker prison. The trap team members have a lot of Hp and attack, but not too much defense. The figures are the size of a giants figure.

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