Naruto Special Gaiden:
Just Sit Back and Enjoy It

As an avid Naruto fan I’m always excited to see new content being released. In recent months we have seen Kishimoto Mashashi (creator, writer) grace us with the final chapters of the manga series, a new movie “Naruto: The Last”, and several special manga chapters setting up the next movie and series “Boruto”. As you would expect there has been the usual chatter online from “fans” who just can’t seem to sit back an enjoy the ride. For some reason many feel as though they must hate on the writing, the character development, and whatever else they can think of to discredit the series and the writer.

I understand that the internet is a place where people feel it necessary to express their hatred, warranted or not, anonymously and troll to their hearts content. I try not to take these types serious, but alas it has come to a tipping point. While I won’t get all emotional about this (or most things really), I will simply say if you are “one of those people” why bother reading the manga at all? Take a deep breath, turn off your phone or laptop, and go meditate on why you simply can’t enjoy anything in this world. I’m sorry you didn’t get that Optimus Prime you wanted for your birthday when you were 10, or that you got picked last for kickball EVERY SINGLE TIME. But lets just let those things go and enjoy the entertainment for once.

The latest special chapter “Naruto Special Gaiden” (Click here to read it on MangaStream) depicts the day that Naruto is to become Kakashi’s successor as Hokage. If you haven’t read it yet, go do so now because there will be some spoilers here. The chapter includes the usual light hearted comedy you’ve come to expect from Naruto, but also reveals the sheer badassery that is Himawari. Not only does she dawn the Byakugan, but she displays the ability to utilize it to accurately identify chakra points and strike them with enough force to close them off, dropping Naruto in just one strike (even though she was aiming for Bolt).


While many have found issue with a small child one shotting the Hokage and savior of the world, I believe they are simply missing the point. Himawari has inherited the Byakugan, has an extremely kind heart as we have seen when she places flowers at her uncle Neji’s grave, and Uzumaki Kushina’s legendary temper and strength. You can see her blood boil in direct response to her brother ripping her teddy bear, as well as her tactical skills as she searched the house for him, and locks on to his vital points. And yes you read that right, she took out the Hokage on his inauguration day because of a stuffed animal. 🙂

This bodes well for the movie and for the next series. Make no mistake, I’m very excited to see what Boruto can do especially under the tutelage of Sasuke, but I am extremely hopeful that Himawari will become the powerhouse her mother could have been had she just had a little more faith in herself.

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