White Wasabi Ep7: Sword Art Online Ep 7 “Warmth of the Heart” or “The Temperature of the Heart”

White Wasabi

This week on White Wasabi, SENSEIM@CH, EJ-5000, and Gregaman discuss the sixth episode of Sword Art Online, “Warmth of the Heart” or “The Temperature of the Heart.”   Episode Notes and Helpful Things: Nap Time.   White Wasabi is a weekly podcast where SENSEIM@CH, EJ-5000, and the… Continue Reading

White Wasabi Ep6: Sword Art Online Ep 6 “Illusionary Avenger”

White Wasabi

This week on White Wasabi, SENSEIM@CH, EJ-5000, and Gregaman discuss the sixth episode of Sword Art Online, “Illusionary Avenger.” The gents are confused and let down by a less-than-scary villain who’s instant remorse upon being caught brings more questions than answers. Also discussed are crafting in the SAO world, marriage, and the presence of ghosts in game.

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