White Wasabi Ep24: Sword Art Online Ep 23 “Bonds”

White Wasabi Ep24: Sword Art Online Ep 23 "Bonds"

This week on the podcast known as White WasabiSENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and the Gregaman discuss the twenty-third episode of Sword Art Online, “Bonds.” Kazuto and Sugu duke it out in-game for half-a-minute only to “hug it out.” Leifa breaks Recon’s heart (and his bones) but he stays by her side as she stays by Kirito’s.  The three head up the World-Tree with great difficulty when reinforcements from the Silfs and the Cat Seeths arrive. Also, EJ-5000 is loosing hairs and eating chocolate squares, SENSEIM@CH does his best to stay on topic…well, for the most part, and the Gregaman gets to eat his access-card….all this and more on this episode of White Wasabi.

Episode Notes and Helpful Things:

Break Music – 

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – Trailer 2

Spiderman Opening Theme

Not Loki

Not Loki

Not Gregaman

Gregsadict Cuminbutt Gregaman

White Wasabi is a weekly podcast where SENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and the Gregaman take you through an episodic journey of your favorite anime series with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Starting with Sword Art Online and featuring occasional guests, White Wasabi brings interesting thoughts to a moot conversation.


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