White Wasabi Ep5: Sword Art Online Ep 5 “Murder in the Safe Zone” or “A Crime Within the Walls”

White Wasabi

This week on White WasabiSENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and Gregaman discuss the fifth episode of Sword Art Online, “Murder in the Safe Zone” or “A Crime Within the Walls.”  Gratuitous butt-shots, naps, ghosts, and restaurants named “Restaurant” are just a few of the things observed and discussed.

We apologize that this episode may seem noisier than the others. We’re working on it.

Episode Notes and Helpful Things:

Nap Time.

Kirito and Asuna napping

My favorite restaurant, Restaurant.

Sword Art Online Restaurant

That’s gotta hurt…or does it?


Someone’s dead! Got any apples?

Kirito and Yolko's Butt

Ghost Party.

SAO Ghost Party


White Wasabi is a weekly podcast where SENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and the Gregaman take you through an episodic journey of your favorite anime series with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Starting with Sword Art Online and featuring occasional guest, White Wasabi brings interesting thoughts to a moot conversation.

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