White Wasabi Ep21: Sword Art Online Ep 20 “General of the Blazing Flame”

White Wasabi Podcast Ep21 Sword Art Online Ep 20 "General of the Blazing Flame"

This week on the podcast known as White WasabiSENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and Gregaman discuss the twentieth episode of Sword Art Online, “General of the Blazing Flame.” Eugene and Mortimer break their way into the game, Kirito gets stuck in the middle of a fairy babe sandwich, Asuna breaks out of her cage, and we get possibly the best fight of the show so far. The guys wax poetic about the clash between Eugene and Kirito, how it would suck to be a helmeted character, and we find out who started Kickstarter. How long did it take?

Episode Notes and Helpful Things:


Break Music – The Smurfs  (NES)  “Act 4: The Sarsaparilla Fields & Act 9: The Bridge”


White Wasabi is a weekly podcast where SENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and the Gregaman take you through an episodic journey of your favorite anime series with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Starting with Sword Art Online and featuring occasional guests, White Wasabi brings interesting thoughts to a moot conversation.


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