White Wasabi Ep4: Sword Art Online Ep 4 “The Black Swordsman”

White Wasabi

This week on White WasabiSENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and Gregaman discuss the fourth episode of Sword Art Online, “The Black Swordsman.” The boys comment on Kirito’s strange relationship with Sachi and the introduction of “red” characters.

Episode Notes and Helpful Things:

Monkey-Squatch Attack!

Monkey-Squatch Attack Sword Art Online


“I, like, totally forgot I was in my underwear.”

uhhh Sword Art Online


Priorities: Cover the Crotch

Priorities: Cover the Crotch Sword Art Online


White Wasabi is a weekly podcast where SENSEIM@CHEJ-5000, and the Gregaman take you through an episodic journey of your favorite anime series with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Starting with Sword Art Online and featuring occasional guest, White Wasabi brings interesting thoughts to a moot conversation.

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