NSFD&D Episode 4: Fighting After Midnight

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Our heroes return to town and catch up with the locals. The boys find a possible lead on Duke Angus and are thrust into a fight for the entertainment of the crowd and a well dressed purveyor of information. // Presented by Houseboat and Moot.tv, NSFD&D is a Dungeons and Dragons / RPG podcast that comes from the mind of first time DM Zachary Storman. Justin Olimpaito plays Blamis Elroy and Kyle Moucha is Leslie Storksblood, two complete morons who are thrust into an adventure after being attacked by an ice dragon on the high road to Neverwinter.

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White Wasabi Ep4: Sword Art Online Ep 4 “The Black Swordsman”

White Wasabi

This week on White Wasabi, SENSEIM@CH, EJ-5000, and Gregaman discuss the fourth episode of Sword Art Online, “The Black Swordsman.” The boys comment on Kirito’s strange relationship with Sachi and the introduction of “red” characters.

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