Ep205: Food for Thot with Volcano Vinyl (Brian Medlin and Brian Schmutz) – LMAYAQ

Ep205: Food for Thot with Volcano Vinyl (Brian Medlin and Brian Schmutz) - LMAYAQ

On this special 205th episode of LMAYAQ featuring Volcano Vinyl‘s Brian Medlin (Desperate Living, Sun Opus, Person L, Solo) and Brian Schmutz (The Starting Line), Producer EJ 5000 asks: In a world where we can no longer communicate in regular ways, in a world where we can only communicate by cooking a meal that we are already able to cook, what meal would you make to introduce yourself to other people? Do you think the world would break down because communication has changed so much? Would you become a better cook? Joined by Moot.tv regulars Host Anthony and the Gregaman, expect a wacky and sticky reality on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.

For more with Volcano Vinyl, listen to their podcast on the web at illdale.com/volcano-vinyl, on Stitcher at stitcher.com/show/volcano-vinyl, on iTunes at podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/volcano-vinyl, or on Instagram and Twitter at @volcanovinyl. For more with Brian Medlin, check out Desperate Living on BandCamp at livingdesperate.bandcamp.com, or on Instagram at instagram.com/desperate.living, Sun Opus on Bandcamp at sunopus.bandcamp.com or instagram.com/sun_opus, or his solo project at brianmedlin.bandcamp.com. Visit Brian Schmutz’s band The Starting Line on their website at startinglinerock.com, or visit them on Twitter @TheStartingLine or on Instragram or Twitter at @theStartingLine.

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