LMAYAQ Ep128: Kim Jong Sombrero w/ Meredith

Let Me Ask You A Question Podcast

On this episode of LMAYAQ featuring guest/producer Meredith host Anthony asks if you could make one person wear a sombrero for the rest of their lives who would it be? How about a whole group of people? Joined by Moot.tv regular the Gregaman, expect chortles on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.

Let Me Ask You A Question PodcastLet Me Ask You A Question is a weekly podcast where host Anthony poses various inquiries and sometimes entertains you…sometimes. Joined by Moot.tv regulars Producer EJ and the Gregaman, Anthony asks questions to push his ideas to the limit and create hilarity along the way. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or leave us a message at (929) 352-6173.

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