Ep207: Fashion In A Cornfield with John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday and Brian Bonz of Bobo Touch – LMAYAQ

On this very special 207th episode of LMAYAQ featuring John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run) and Brian Bonz (Bobo Touch, Brian Bonz and the Major Crimes, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band), Host Anthony asks: if you were to go to an 80’s themed party or 90’s themed party you would know what to wear, but if you were asked to go to a 2010’s party in twenty years, would you know how to dress? Do you think the internet has splintered-off culture and styles in a way that makes dressing for the decade not possible? Joined by Moot.tv regular Producer EJ, expect some old tour-stories on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.

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