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LMAYAQ Ep203: Hard with Mike Rizzo and Brian Bonz of Bobo Touch Title Card

On this special 203rd episode of LMAYAQ featuring Mike Rizzo and Brian Bonz of Bobo Touch, Host Anthony asks: Are there different amounts of wood density? Does said density of wood determine how good the wood is? Does the density have any weight on the performance of the wood? Can wood be too dense and, if so, what density is perfect for confidence? Joined by Moot.tv regular Producer EJ, expect a crash-coarse in specific mass on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.

For more with Bobo Touch, subscribe to their YouTube channel here, follow them on Instagram at @bobotouch, on Twitter at @bobotouch, or visit their website BoboTouch.com. For more with Brian Bonz visit him on Instagram at @brianbonz, Twitter at @BrianBonz, on YouTube here, or for his music visit BrianBonz.com. For more with Mike Rizzo visit him on Instagram at @bayrizz, Twitter at @mayorbayrizz, on YouTube here, or on Vimeo here.


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