Top 5 Batman Bad Guys

Batman Bad Guys


Hello people! The classic tales of the “Dark Knight” made not only the fictional people of Gotham feel safe, but also those of us IRL. With the cowled crusader appearing in comics, live action and animated TV shows, video games, and movies, the knight of Gotham has had as many variations as he has appearances. But today Batman will be taking a backseat to his colorful antagonists while we explore our 5 favorite Batman bad guys.


List Rules

  • Nobody is to be named twice.
  • Comics, tv shows, and movies all apply.
  • Nobody shall make the decisions for the writer. (Nor hate on it. Actually, feel free to hate.)


5. Clayface

What looks like a “number 2” for our number five, Clayface is what you could call a “monster of a thousand faces.” Matt Hagen, the most popular version of Clayface, got his powers while scuba-diving for treasure. Hagen stumbled upon a strange pool of body-altering protoplasm which granted him his shape-shifting ability. An alternate, and the original version, of Clayface was a movie actor who wore a mask that resembled a face of clay.


4. The Penguin

The Penguin

The Penguin on The Simpsons

For our number four, running in at 4 feet tall, we introduce the lovable avian adversary Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin. Looking like an ugly penguin with no feathers and often wielding an arsenal of trick umbrellas at his side, this long nosed crook’s back story is sadder than his nose is ugly. Picked on by kids at school (though not for any games) for having a long nose, thus garnering his nicknaming “penguin,” young Oswald was forced to carry his trademark umbrella by his mother for protection.  Turning his anger into a life of crime the Penguin earned his connection to the black market while owning an air-conditioned restaurant and casino called the Iceberg Lounge. His wacky antics, and monocle and top-hat solidify his place on this list.


3. The Joker

The Joker

One of the most well known of Batman’s enemies and the most enigmatic. The Joker’s green hair, white/whitish skin, and red lips are a terrifying trademark for the Dark Knight’s archenemy that have the ability to frighten in any and all incarnations.  With no definite backstory and no inherent superhuman abilities, his psychosis, absurd sense of humor, and genius make the Joker a criminal mastermind to be reckoned with. Making his way to every Batman comic series, video-game, TV show, and movie series to date, the Clown Prince of Crime continues to confuse and impress us with his erratic and over the top behavior.


2. Scarecrow


Dr. Jonathon Crane, aka Scarecrow, was abused by his grandmother as a child starting his obsession with fear. Being very scrawny, he was also picked on and made fun of by other kids . Crane later became a professor of psychology at Gotham State University and started doing experiments on students which soon led to him being fired. He continued his experiments through a life of crime by using various mind-altering drugs and gases on people. To up his creep factor, Scarecrow also uses his trademark mask to help bring fear to the world.

1. Two-Face


Harvey Dent was Gotham City’s most heroic district attorney. He helped fight crime with both Jim Gordon and Batman before turning into a criminal himself. Dent discovered that his father’s coin, used to determine how much punishment a young Harvey deserved, was actually double headed leading to a mental breakdown. After a mobster spilled acid on Harvey’s face, and one side of his father’s coin, he was hospitalized. His face now appeared to have two faces in one and he grew two personalities. Dent needed help making every decision by flipping his coin and took on a life of crime by the name of Two-Face.


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Are there any Batman baddies that you thought should have made the list? Want to suggest a list of your own? Leave your comments below.


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