LMAYAQ Ep132: My Best Friend’s Girl

Let Me Ask You A Question Podcast

On this episode of LMAYAQ host Anthony asks, how would you feel if your significant other requested to be buried with host Anthony instead of near/with you? You can swap host Anthony for your best friend. What if they were buried in the 69 position?  Joined by Moot.tv regulars Producer EJ and the Gregaman, expect an absurd amount of poop talk at the top on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.

Let Me Ask You A Question PodcastLet Me Ask You A Question is a weekly podcast where host Anthony poses various inquiries and sometimes entertains you…sometimes. Joined by Moot.tv regulars Producer EJ and the Gregaman, Anthony asks questions to push his ideas to the limit and create hilarity along the way. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or leave us a message at (929) 352-6173.

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