Introducing The Derek D Dozen – 12 Minutes, 1 Topic. A New Podcast with Derek D!

Derek D Dozen Podcast

What up everybody? Derek D here, and welcome to the Derek D Dozen. My all new podcast, because everyone and their mom has to have a podcast now, right? It’s launching on Monday, May 4, 2020. Why is it called The Derek D Dozen you ask? Well, each episode is only 12 minutes-and-change-long and only one topic. Yeah, that’s right. It’s a quick hit folks, ok? And those topics, well, the can be about anything: my life, pop culture, funny stories, current events, alligators…I don’t know…and yes, I’m going to have guests on the show too. The Derek D Dozen – launching Monday May 4th with 5 episodes right-out-the-gate, and it will be on all major podcast platforms. So, make sure you subscribe wherever the hell you listen, all right? Go to for more info, and I hope to hear you there. Well, I guess you’d be hearing me there…because, you know what I mean. Thanks for copping my style!

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