Kyle Moucha Won’t Shut Up! – S5E18 – The Cisco Kid…Strikes Again.

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One this week’s episode of Kyle Moucha Won’t Shut-Up!, Kyle, Justin, and Zach are back at it writing the album SeVae, and expanding on the weird fictional religion of the world their heroes dwell in. We’ve got music from Minnesota based punk rock band The Crow Wings, PLUS an interview with the creative mind behind and star of the Sasquatch hunting comedy “Out There! With Cisco and Cricket” Cisco Gonzalez!

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Episode 5 – Let Down

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On this episode of Kyle Moucha Won’t Shut Up the guys are joined by Cisco … Cisco Gonzalez. We prepare for cinco de mayo, discuss the fine art of wizard staffs, and feel the pain of a young man growing up with an unfortunately timed, comical name.

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