Ep182: It’s Good To Be Queen with Jesse Kissel – LMAYAQ

Ep182: It's Good To Be Queen with Jesse Kissel - LMAYAQ

On this special episode of LMAYAQ featuring Broadway music director Jesse Kissel (Chicago, The Visit, Bright Star, etc.), Host Anthony asks: if, when you die, you have the option to come back as the next Queen of England, would you? What if you came back as Queen Elizabeth the second? Joined by Moot.tv regulars Producer EJ and the Gregaman, expect some seahorse tongue trills on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.

For more with Jesse Kissel visit his website jessekissel.com, read his Pride Month 2020 article here, or visit him on Instagram at @jessekissel, YouTube here, or LinkdIn here.

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