Top 5 Greatest Halo Baddies

Halo is a great video game series, and the best part has to be the baddies. Here are my top 5 Halo baddies.

5. Brutes

They are part of the covenant and look like gorilla people. They commonly use Brute Shot guns.


4. Promethean Knight Battlewagon

They are the most dangerous and crazy of the Promethean Knights. They commonly use the Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon (also know as the DEEW Gun or LightRifle).

3. Flood Elite

The Flood has vast numbers, but the Elite look the coolest of them all. They use plasma rifles and Needlers ( Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher).



2. Elite Ranger

These elites have to be the coolest of all. They use plasma blades a lot. The armor color can be blue, white, or, I’m pretty sure, grey.


1. Flood Tank Form

The most awesome Halo baddy is, yes, the Flood Tank Form. Its design, attacks and detail make this brute the best baddie.



Thank you for reading, and if you disagree-that’s fine with me. Thx gyz!!


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