KMWSU! – S3 E3 – Happy Birthday Paul McCartney, Jesus Christ!

Kyle Moucha Wont Shut Up the Podcast

On this episode of Kyle Moucha Won’t Shut Up! Kyle turns 33 and Zach and Justin couldn’t care less. It’s a very self centered episode as one of Kyle’s oldest friends and former band mates, Micah Harrison, joins to reminisce… Continue Reading

Let Me Ask You A Question Ep85: The Troulester

Let Me Ask You A Question Podcast Ep85: The Troulester

On this episode of LMAYAQ, featuring first time guest and regular Milo, host Anthony asks if you were offered cybernetic limbs as part of their first human subject beta release would you take them? What if instead of limbs it was your innards? What exactly is leather? Joined by regulars the Gregaman and Producer EJ, and a special visit from the Yee Haw demon, expect curing and oinks on this edition Let Me Ask You A Question. HBD Milo!

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Let Me Ask You A Question Ep69: F$%#ing to Warwick Davis

Let Me Ask You A Question Ep69 Fucking to Warwick Davis

On this special St. Patrick’s Day episode of LMAYAQ host Anthony asks if you had to picture Warwick Davis as the epinonimous Leprechaun every time you had intercourse would it prevent you from doing so? Would you picture him naked? Would you just roll with it? Joined by regulars Producer EJ and the Gregaman, expect some silliness on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question. A extra-special HBD to the Gregaman.

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