Kyle Moucha Won’t Shut Up! – Season 4 Episode 3 -A Duo and a Trio

Kyle Moucha Wont Shut Up

On this episode of Kyle Moucha Won’t Shut Up, Alicia and Bossman Kroog join the boys to talk music, life, and love. The gang discusses the Super Bowl half time show, people who say “true story”, and the finer points of sleeping with a shapeshifter. NEPA’s acoustic based indie artist Sweetnest debuts their new single “Detached” off their split EP “Bearings”, plus a new Brunch Weeklg Original Single. Mathematical!

Kyle Moucha and friends gather to discuss, at great length, all things pop culture and entertainment. It’s fun, it’s stupid, it’s stupid fun. Follow KMWSU on YouTube (Live Tuesdays at 9pm), Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. From

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