Pocket Mortys is Live!

Pocket Mortys

Come on Mortys, stop being a biiiaaattttcccccchhhhurp,
get in the portal already.

We are huge fans of Rick and Morty here, so when we found out they were launching a free mobile game we nearly messed our knickers. Pocket Mortys officially launched yesterday and I’ve been playing for several hours at this point. I’ll say it’s not really my type of game; it plays like every Pokemon game ever made (Get it, Pocket Mortys … Pocket Monsters … Pokemon).  Anyway, there is lots of funny stuff from the R&M universe; insane characters like Birdperson, a ridiculous amount of parallel universe Mortys for you to collect, and of course Rick’s witty banter.

If your looking for a fun and funny game to waste some time on, and you love R&M like we do this is a definite download. Oh yeah, and my Mortys are better than yours.

Available on Google Play and iTunes, click below to go to download pages.





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