Revisiting LMAYAQ EP156: Stuffed On Thanksgiving

Revisiting LMAYAQ EP156: Stuffed On Thanksgiving

The bois were busy this week, so we are sharing our Thanksgiving episode from a few years back. Thanks for listening! We are Thankful for our listeners!

From the original episode: “On this very special Thanksgiving and 3rd anniversary episode of LMAYAQ, Producer EJ asks if you were stranded on a desert island and came upon a magical vending machine full of your own family’s Thanksgiving foods which would you choose to put up your butt if you had to pick one only? This is the only way you will get nutrients for the next year and you can not eat anything. You can alter the food once it comes out of the the machine with tools found on the island. Joined by regulars Host Anthony and the Gregaman, expect butt-chugging and a visit from the Demon on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question.”

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