Rick & Morty:
Why You Should Watch

Rick and Morty

One of the best shows on television, and one of my current favorites, is Rick & Morty on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  It delivers obvious pop culture laughs, throws in discrete “inside jokes” of the nerd universe, and addresses deep issues with outlandish situations and dark humor. Written by Justin Roiland (Fish Hooks) and Dan Harmon (Community) and staring voice actors Chris Parnell (SNL, 30 Rock) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), Rick & Morty’s stories are smartly written and include ridiculous happenings which range from funny to “I should be wearing a diaper because I might pee my pants” hilarious.  At times I am simply left saying “wow” with some of the developments and revelations.


Rick (Justin Roiland) 

Rick from Rick and Morty

The eccentric super-genius main character has drinking problems even when partaking in crazy adventures with his grandson Morty.  Think Nikola Tesla/Doc Emmett Brown meets Bluto (Belushi’s character in Animal House).

Morty (also Justin Roiland)

Morty from Rick and Morty

Rick’s grandson and Robin to his Batman, he often acts as a conscience and voice of reason for Rick (who seemingly lacks one).  He is easily identified by his crackling voice due to early stages of puberty.

Jerry (Chris Parnell)

Jerry from Rick and Morty

Morty’s dad and Rick’s son-in-law.  An almost stereotypical beta male, with a severe inferiority complex, that is a regular punching bag for Rick, but is evolving nicely throughout the series.

Beth (Sarah Chalke)

Beth and Jerry from Rick and Morty

Morty’s mom and Rick’s daughter.  She rarely holds Rick accountable for his actions because she is afraid he will become estranged in another dimension (again).  She often takes out her life frustrations on Jerry.

Summer (Spencer Grammer)

The Devil, Summer, and Rick of Rick and Morty

Morty’s older sister.  In season 1 she was mostly a bratty, insecure teenage girl but her part in episode 9 (Something Ricked This Way Comes) is truly one of S1’s highlights and it looks like she is becoming more of a central character in season 2.

The hi-jinks are otherworldly…literally.  Rick and Morty travel to other planets and dimensions and even throw an epic international kegger (homage to Risky Business) in the S1 finale Ricksy Business while the parents are away.  The epicness (if it isn’t a word, it is now) of this show can’t be explained, it simply must be seen.  It is gaining steam and notoriety but everyone of appropriate age should be watching it.  If shows like this aren’t watched and encouraged we will cease to have nice things…

Now go watch it (Sundays at 11:30PM on Cartoon Network); I said EVERYBODY or you’ll get beat down like the Devil.


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