5 Things to Never Do In A Nerf War

It seems that many kids today enjoy Nerf wars. They play games like “team death match,” “capture the flag” and “zombies.” Here are the 5 things to NEVER do in a Nerf war/team death match.

5. NEVER be James bond.

I have done this before and lost a dart. Here’s what happens. You do that “roll and shoot at same time” thing and shoot into another person’s yard. You go into rage mode and then someone sneaks up and shoots you. Boom.

4. NEVER ask the enemy for ammo.

They will give you ammo in bullet-in-your-face form or surround you while you are reloading.

3. NEVER party.

While you may think you’ve won, the enemy can sneak up behind you and shoot you. Humiliation follows.

MMA Celebrate Fail

2. NEVER forget to search the enemy.

The enemy could hide a Jolt or two fully loaded and ready for you. You should handcuff him and search him before you bring him to the spawn point.

1. NEVER spam.

You will then end up having to reload and that will take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. I learned the hard way.

Thx gyz! Hope you’re in for part two!

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